Redefining Learning Experiences


Translations to parts of the video where Hindi is spoken are at the end of this blog.

The last blog….a part of me says Thank God! I did it. While a niggling feeling reminds me of how the program has created so many links, taking my teaching to a different level altogether.
Speaking of levels, this project made me experience that different level. I was able to work not just for my students but work with them for the community.
It has been a great learning experience.
A background on the project:
It started off with a Unit on Global Issues redefining our learning experiences and turned into an outreach project transforming lives of marginalized students and leading to a long-term collaboration.
The students of Year 12, Lang B were encouraged to use technology to enhance their oral and communication skills. They would identify a global issue in the country they were living in and offer solutions as teenagers. The solution would be in the form of a 3 minute video, which would then be uploaded on You Tube. Their work could be done using an movie making software, but needed to depict; research and critical thing on the real life issue.
As IB learners these were essential profiles. The assessment would be based on their Lang B Oral rubric which required them to work towards an individual oral on the topics suggested in their syllabus document.
The experience would be redefining for the Lang B students who had never spoken 3 minutes of English and never ever recorded and published themselves.
However as the videos (spread over 4 lessons- brainstorming, research, collaboration and planning, and finally the execution) neared completion we decided to share the work with students from marginalized communities where the good work done by these students could actually be used.
We reached out to collaborate with the Mesco Schools in Hyderabad, run by the Learning Links Foundation
They were extremely supportive about the project and were very keen on the collaboration. Their students came from families which did not appreciate the value of education and many of the girls were not encouraged to study further.
The NGO was attempting to make a difference and empower the youth especially the girls to further education. In their opinion these videos would serve as excellent resources and be very motivational to the students. Encouraging them to strive and work towards opportunities and hope for change which could only come through education.
The videos created by the students were shared with the Mesco Schools in charge Mr. Khamruddin on Gdrive. The students in the school were able to access them through the drive.
There was a lot more student work I wanted to share, unfortunately given the limit of ten minutes, and needing to share work of both my students and those students who viewed it, I have been able to put together snippets from it all.

The result; an energizing experience.

Please go ahead and enjoy!

The planning template


the boy: speaks about the importance of education and the need for it to be employable.
The girl- wants to become a teacher and says the only way to get respect in the community is through education.

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